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The Greek islands offer many magical destinations and they don't come much dreamier than the fabulous Santorini locations. Whether you're looking for a romantic hideaway, a scenic picture postcard village, a vibrant tourist resort or a cliff side view - Santorini has it all!

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Santorini has its own international airport and is easily accessed via Athens Airport or Thessaloniki Airport on mainland Greece from Australia, USA and Canada. Olympic Airlines and Aegean Airlines have frequent flights to Santorini airport from Athens.

A romantic way to of getting to Santorini is by sea. There's not much that can beat the spectacular sight of imposing cliff top Fira overlooking the Caldera as you approach the port by ferry. You will be met by the famous Santorini donkeys if you choose travel to Santorini this way.

They are to take you up the steep cliff side if you cannot make it by your own speed. Or you can take the cable car and have a great view in relative comfort as you ascend to the top of the cliff.

Hydrofoils and ferries to Santorini are plentiful from Athens (Piraeus Port)and Thessaloniki on mainland Greece. They take between 7 - 9 hours depending on their ports of call, size and type of ferry.

There are also lots of ferries to and from other Greek Islands including Mykonos, Naxos, Paros and Crete. This makes Greek Island hopping easy and fun.

What to Do (May-Sep)
Even though Santorini is fairly hot during summer, it’s a season which attracts thousands of tourists and honeymooners

Newly wed honeymooning couples, romantic sultry sunsets, scintillating scorching heat and sexy beach perfect bodies all build to a crescendo of a red-hot sexual energy. This explosive eruption rivals that of the famous volcano that shaped the island of Santorini. It's little wonder then that the island gets the nickname of Sexy Santorini! Fira, the capital of the island has the coolest Santorini hotspots – if that's not a contradiction in terms! Typically things don't get going until way after midnight with dancing well into the wee small hours.

It is certain that Santorini has a bewitching and alluring power on all travelers who are lucky enough to visit this fascinating Greek Island. Santorini has a magical almost spiritual quality to it that is aided by its ancient historic and volcanic past, its connections to the mystical lost city of Atlantis and its spellbinding sunsets.

Santorini and beautiful white washed blue domed churches are synonymous with each other. With over 250 Santorini churches on the tiny Greek Island you cannot turn round without viewing yet another pretty little church just waiting to be photographed.

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